NYC Massage Therapy  in NYC and Wantagh Long Island 11793

Massage Therapy in NYC and Wantagh Long Island 11793

Manhattan, Wantagh, Nassau County Massage Therapy at Your Home or Our Offices

In a world where health is increasingly dependent on technology, Massage Therapist Eugene Wood utilizes the proven healing power of massage techniques. One of the most skilled craftsmen in the area, Eugene's healing ability can restore your overall health and wellness to an optimum level.  Massage Therapies.

NYC Massage Therapist Eugene Wood

Professional Massage Therapy in Your Home or at My Offices
Serving NYC, Long Island, Wantagh, Nassau County, NY
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Eugene Wood, Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist
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Expert Massage Therapy in Your Home or Our Offices

Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, chronic pain or an acute injury, professional massage therapist, Eugene Wood, is a valuable resource in your journey to better health. Licensed, trained and certified in some of the most advanced massage techniques, Eugene has over twenty years of experience in helping people achieve their highest level of health and wellness.

Massage therapy has been shown to alleviate headaches, reduce hypertension, relieve
repetitive strain injuries and reverse the many physical effects of stress. Research has
shown that massage therapy is the most effective treatment for lower back pain and facilitating the healing of soft tissue injuries.

  • Eugene has two offices, one in New York City, and the other is located in Wantagh, which is part of Nassau County on Long Island. Maps and directions are provided on the Location page.

  • For those clients with busy schedules, or just prefer the convenience of having Eugene come to your home, he does that also. He covers the same service area, from eastern Nassau County to Manhattan. Please visit the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment.

Aside from providing superior massage therapy services, Eugene also serves as the Education Chair for the NY Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. As a recognized industry leader, Eugene enjoys spending his spare time helping, training, and educating the ancient art of massage to the next generation.
Client Testimonial

"All of my life I have battled different health conditions that were never relieved by traditional medicine. During my first appointment with Eugene Wood, he laid out a program that would address each challenge in a logical order. Each type of massage has been applied in a helpful way to reduce my pain. Pain medications are no longer necessary and my quality of life is better than ever. I have adopted an exercise routine that I never thought possible."

-Allison C.
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Over 20 Years of Massage Therapy Experience!
Eugene Wood LMT Receives Prestigious AMTA Meritorious Award
NYC Massage Therapist, Eugene Wood, has been awarded the AMTA Meritorious Award from the New York Chapter. This prestigious award is awarded to one person from every state’s chapter each year for those who are diligent in their volunteerism for altruistic purposes. 

The American Massage Therapy Association provides membership to massage therapists as a way to provide benefits to members and advocacy for the profession.

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Eugene Wood Receives AMTA Meritorious Award
Eugene Wood Appears in FoxNews Video titled
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Contact Eugene Wood Licensed Massage Therapist
Contact Eugene Wood Licensed Massage Therapist
(917) 952-8052
"Train like an Olympic athlete with sports massage."

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Institute of Physical Therapy
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Phone: (917) 952-8052
Center for the Alignment of Body, Mind, and Spirit
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Wantagh, New York 11793
Phone: (917) 952-8052

I don't think I wrote to you after my visit. The pain in the right eye started to recede right away, and was completely gone by evening. It has not returned! I don't have to see the optometrist as I had expected.

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