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Client Testimonial

"Years of computer use had created a sensation of fire in my forearms. After receiving a medical diagnosis of repetitive strain, I decided that trigger point massage might be more effective than any other approach.

During my first session with Eugene Wood, he discovered that the trigger points were in my shoulders. His first treatment provided my first good night of sleep in months.

I am amazed that this technique has relieved my pain."

-Arnold A.
He Knows How to Make it Feel Better
Eugene is an excellent massage therapist. His calm, supportive personality makes the client feel at ease. He’s always fully aware of the client’s reaction to every part of the experience; the sight, smell, and sound as well as the touch. Most importantly, when something hurts, he knows how to make it feel better.
-Debi T.
New York City

He Knows Exactly Where the Pain Is
I really love the work Eugene does.  When I go to him, I feel very comfortable and it’s like he can read my mind and knows exactly where my pain is. My tail bone was out of place and he worked the muscles to pop it back in. I feel whatever problem anyone has he will find it and know how to help.

-J. Hicks
Long Island

I Trust Myself in His Hands
From the first moment he started massaging me, I felt he knew what he was doing. In the first minutes of a 10 minute session, I felt like "this guy's good!" I couldn't get back to him for a session fast enough. He noticed tension in areas that the other massage therapists I've had have completely missed. His whole focus is on finding those spots, and he's completely diligent. I trust myself in his hands. In fact, I have some tender or ticklish areas, and his touch is so right that I neither felt pain or got the giggles.

-Kam M.
Wantagh, NY
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  • Eugene Wood is also Licensed in North Carolina

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Contact Eugene Wood Licensed Massage Therapist
(917) 952-8052
Contact Eugene Wood Licensed Massage Therapist
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