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Eugene Wood on TV

Eugene Wood, Expert Massage Therapist for TV Shows

Eugene Wood, licensed massage therapist with offices in New York City and Wantagh Long Island, appears regularly as a massage therapy expert on TV shows. Eugene is the Education Chair for the NY Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association, and has a sincere and knowledgeable passion for helping others understand the natural healing power of therapeutic massage techniques. 

This page provides some samples of his work on both local and national TV shows. Eugene Wood is available as a guest on future TV shows. Please contact Eugene for schedule availability.
Eugene Wood on CBS New York's "Live From the Couch"
Eugene Wood on the Natural Bliss TV Show
Eugene Wood on Long Island Live TV Show
Eugene Wood Appears in FoxNews Video titled "Train like an Olympic athlete with sports massage."

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(917) 952-8052
Contact Eugene Wood Licensed Massage Therapist
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