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NYC Massage Gift Certificates
Eugene Wood, Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist
Types of Massage Gift Certificates Offered

Eugene Wood offers many types of massage therapy. If you are unsure about the type of massage therapy your recipient would like, a massage gift certificate is the perfect choice. Your recipient will be able to choose from:

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a type of massage therapy that seeks to return the body to a healthy, natural state without the use of surgery or other invasive techniques. Therapeutic massage gift certificates make a great gift for those who seek to lower their blood pressure, slow the heart rate, boost the immune system and restore the mind. Know someone whose stress is affecting their health? They can benefit from the gift of therapeutic massage.

Asian Massage

Asian massage incorporates several different massage techniques from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and India. Generally, an Asian massage focuses on Shiatsu from Japan or Tui-na from Thailand. Asian massage therapies focus on a mind-body healing and are known to treat everything from fears and phobias to pain and stress.

Swedish Massage
Client Testimonial

"I started seeing Eugene a few months ago for pain at in my right sacroiliac joint region and right hip. 

I was referred to Eugene through a friend who swore by him.  Within a few weeks of seeing Eugene, I stopped going to the physical therapist. 
After about 5 treatments or so, Eugene worked out a trigger point in my thigh muscles, which did the trick! 

I have been pain free for over three weeks and am thrilled with the results, as is my orthopedic surgeon! I highly recommend Eugene's work."

-N. Malik
New York City
Massage Gift Certificate
Massage Gift Certificates can be customized for any amount, and may be used at any of our locations.

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NYC woman getting an Asian Massage

Gift Certificates for a Massage Therapist

"Won't she be surprised when you give the special lady in your life the gift of a professional massage. A massage gift certificate is just what she needs to relax after all she does. Is your man a weekend warrior who loves sports? Maybe he just needs to reduce his stress level. What a perfect gift idea for him!"
-Eugene Wood, LTM
Massage Gift Certificates - in NYC, Nassau County, and Wantagh

Give someone you love the gift of health with a massage gift certificate from NYC Massage. Eugene Wood, Licensed Massage Therapist, has been a massage therapist for over 20 years. Known for using multiple therapeutic techniques, Eugene Wood LMT is devoted to providing health and wellness restoration.
Giving the gift of Swedish massage means giving the gift of relaxation.

Perhaps one of the more familiar of massage techniques, a Swedish massage improves blood flow and circulation, speeds healing after an injury, boosts the circulatory system and provides relief from stress-related headaches. Relaxing, yet invigorating, a Swedish massage is sure to please any recipient.
Sports Massage

The gift of a sports massage will please the athlete or workout enthusiast in your life. Sports massage works to combine the techniques of massage with the knowledge of kinesiology, the study of body movement. Sports massage not only speeds the healing of sprains and strains that occur during exercise or workouts, it also provides pre-performance enhancement.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is a healing gift for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, tension, headaches, muscle exhaustion or arthritis.

Myofascial Relief Therapy

Myofascial massage therapy works to relax the blood vessels, muscles, organs and nerves that make up the complex structure of the body called the fascia. Designed to reduce pain and increase circulation, this type of massage therapy seeks to improve the range of motion of the body.

Trigger Point Massage

Did you know there are over 620 different trigger points in the body, each one corresponding to a different muscular or nerve area? For example, when the spleen is damaged, the pain presents in the trigger point, the left shoulder of the body. Trigger point massage seeks to massage the trigger points, thus relieving the pain in the part of the body the point corresponds to. Trigger point massage provides neck pain, back pain, abdominal, spleen and torso pain relief. This type of massage is particularly effective for the those who play sports, those who garden, and the elderly.

Besides the types of massage listed above, massage gift certificates from NYC Massage can also be presented to those who have suffered accidents or some form of illness. While not as well known as deep tissue massages or Swedish massages, Eugene Wood LMT also provides:

Deep tissue massage is the most popular type of massage. Practiced for centuries by the early Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Native Americans, deep tissue massage seeks to relax the body by relieving pain and tension from the deepest of muscles.

Deep tissue massage reaches not only the muscles, but all the tendons and other connective tissues located deep inside the body.

Contact Eugene Wood, Massage Therapist, for a Massage Gift Certificate

Massage is increasingly becoming an accepted form of treatment for stress, tension and pain. Give someone you love the gift of relaxation from one of the most sought-after licensed massage therapists in NYC with a massage gift certificate NYC.

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