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"I wanted to let you know that my neck feels better than it has since...I dunno, maybe 2007?? Seriously. It feels looser and free-er than before I started seeing you.

Thank you thank you! The rhomboid/scapula/trapezoid stuff we did yest freed up the neck.

I still felt some tension/pain in the neck last nite and I put pressure on that knotty spot, while moving my neck around in diff't directions and it just dissolved. POOF! See you next week. :) Hugs."

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Massage Therapy for Neck Pain Relief in NYC and Wantagh NY

How A Massage Therapist Reduces Chronic Neck Pain

Usually these types of injuries require rest or even physical therapy. It's much easier to recover when pain is alleviated. There's nothing worse than being told to take it easy, but then not being able to get comfortable due to pain.

As an experienced massage therapist, I can reduce many types of nerve compression as well as loosen tense muscles and connective tissue. We tend to carry a great deal of tension in our necks and shoulders. Not only does this happen due to poor posture, many times stress plays an important role. Again, massage is widely known to be an amazing relaxation method.

Types of massage like Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage stimulate the release of endorphins, which are the body's natural pain relievers. Even the more gentle types of massage come with these beneficial effects. Massage has also been proven to increase blood flow and circulation. Increasing blood flow to sore parts of the body, such as your neck and shoulders, also reduces pain and promotes healing.

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Massage Therapy for Neck Pain

What Causes Chronic Neck Pain?

Chronic pain is defined as a pain that lasts six months or longer. Approximately 15% of Americans suffer from some type of chronic neck pain. Chronic neck pain can range from mild discomfort to shooting pain that radiates down into your shoulders and arms. Some types of chronic neck pain can make it difficult to get out of bed and may really begin to interfere with your life.

Chronic neck pain, like chronic back pain, can have a number of different causes. The type of pain and severity can also vary depending upon the cause.

Some possible causes of chronic neck pain are:

  • A herniated disc
  • Muscle strain
  • Stenosis
  • Spinal degeneration
  • Untreated whiplash
  • Arthritis
  • Other myelopathy

If the pain in your neck radiates down your arm, you could have a herniated disc, bulging disc, stenosis or a strained muscle that is pinching down on a nerve. This is called the entrapment of a nerve. The pain is worse when the entrapment of the nerve is more extreme. Sometimes this can also result in tingling sensations and numbness in the arms, as well. Repairing or allowing the injury to heal will usually alleviate the pain. A massage therapist for chronic neck pain can help determine the cause of your pain and aid you in the healing process while providing you with pain relief.

Age-related stenosis and spinal degeneration typically have a gradual onset. The pain is often gradual and worsens over time. Sometimes you may also experience changes in your coordination as well, and this is sometimes associated with numbness in the arms. Massage therapy for chronic neck pain can give you reliable, long-lasting relief from the pain and numbness so that you can take care of your day-to-day activities.

Interestingly, most neck pain is usually caused by poor posture. This includes severe, chronic pain. Hunching your shoulders and slouching may seem to be a comfortable, natural position, but will cause neck pain in the long run. Sitting upright is actually much more natural. Many of us work sitting down or spend a lot of time on computers, which encourages poor postural habits. Rounding your shoulders puts a great deal of unnecessary strain on your body and your neck gets the brunt of it. A lifetime of poor posture leads to neck pain in many people.

How Massage Therapy Can Reduce Severe and Chronic Neck Pain

Regular massage therapy for chronic neck pain is a great alternative to pain medications. It can also be an alternative to risky and expensive surgery in some cases. Massage can provide unparalleled pain relief and may even be able to eliminate your neck pain altogether.
"Regular massage therapy for chronic neck pain can be a great alternative to pain medication and may help avoid risky, expensive surgery by providing complete relief. As an experienced massage therapist, I can relieve chronic neck pain by loosening tense muscles and connective tissue as well as reducing nerve compression."
-Eugene Wood, LTM
Massage Therapy for Chronic Neck Pain in NYC and Wantagh NY
A one hour massage therapy session administered as needed, by a professional massage therapist for chronic neck pain can make a world of difference. If your pain is severe, you may want to consider more sessions during the first four weeks. While also providing pain relief, massage comes with many additional benefits as well, including stress relief, improved relaxation and even an improved mood.

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Medicines that treat pain may not provide complete relief, but complete relief is possible with a good massage. If pain medications aren't getting the job done or you're worried about negative side-effects, then massage therapy is definitely a viable option and well worth your consideration.

Pain relief is important if you've experienced a neck injury. Car accidents as well as sports injuries sometimes result in neck and spine damage.
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