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"With the flexibility you gave me this morning, I can drive more like I used to do. I can pivot on my heel to get from gas to brake. After surgery, I had to lift the whole leg from the hip to brake, and I was not always smooth driving because of that. I was concerned that it took me a fraction of a second longer that it used to do, to brake.

Now I have a way of continuing to stretch and strengthen, all through daily activities, while driving. I still have to be very conscious that I get my right heel on the floor as a pivot. Yippee!!"

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Post Surgery Massage Therapy in NYC and Wantagh NY

Post Surgery Massage Therapy

Surgeries That Benefit From Massage Therapy

Most people think of massage as being either for relaxation and stress relief or for some types of pain relief. Massage is actually extremely therapeutic when used as a treatment after surgery as well. Post-surgery massage therapy speeds the recovery process and rehabilitation process that follows a number of operations. People that seek massage therapy immediately following surgery see much faster recovery times and overall have a better surgical experience and recovery.

Massage also helps to relieve residual pain from injuries and also any post-operative pain. It has proven to be particularly beneficial when used alongside physical therapy to help you increase or regain mobility in both your tissue and joints after an operation.

Post surgery massage is great for surgeries such as:

  • any spinal surgery
  • shoulder surgery
  • knee and other joint surgeries
  • liposuction, tummy tucks and other cosmetic surgery

More Benefits of Post-Surgery Massage
Post surgery massage therapist helping his client in NYC.
Contact Eugene Wood Licensed Massage Therapist
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Contact Eugene Wood Licensed Massage Therapist
"Massage therapy isn't just for relaxation and stress, it is very therapeutic post surgery for pain relief, increased mobilty and faster recovery time. A Post Surgery Massage Therapist can help alleviate pain from surgeries such as knee, joint, shoulder, and spinal surgery or cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction and tummy tucks."
-Eugene Wood, LTM

How A Post Surgery Massage Therapist Helps Recovery

Post Surgery Massage Therapy being done on a woman's shoulder.
If you have recently had surgery, please contact me to to see if Post Surgery Massage Therapy is right for you for a smoother recovery and to eleviate post-operative pain.
From minor surgeries to major surgeries, massage therapy provides many great benefits. Along with pain reduction it also reduces the risk of developing contractures, which occur when muscles, ligaments, and tendons around joints become shorter from disuse.Massage combats swelling as well as stiffness.

How Massage Therapy Works

Post surgery massage therapy works to help with recovery from surgery mainly due to its ability to increase circulation of blood and lymph. Massage is a proven way to ensure that oxygen-rich blood reaches various parts of the body. Increased blood flow promotes faster healing because it ensures that oxygen as well as nutrients reach areas that need them. When massage is applied near and around surgical sites, it encourages them to heal much faster and also greatly reduces the chance of infection. This includes any areas that have been sutured or stapled.

Increased blood flow also reduces both pain and inflammation, which can occur around incision sites and surgical areas. This lessens scar tissue, reducing the severity of scars and sometimes prevents scarring. Bruising around surgical areas is also reduced, which cuts down on general soreness.

Rest is encouraged after some surgeries, and other surgeries require that certain parts of your body remain unused. If the resting period and recovery time are very long, this can lead to contractures. Contractures, in turn, decrease the mobility of your joints and can make you have various aches and pains. Massage during your recovery can reduce and even completely prevent this shortening of connective tissues.

Physical therapy to help surgical patients regain mobility after an injury or operation can be painful. Post-surgery massage therapy reduces this pain, making physical therapy much easier. This is another way that massage speeds up recovery time.

Lymphatic drainage massage is helpful after many surgeries. The lymph system is our body's sanitation department. It rids the body of waste by-products and toxins. It is a very gentle technique also known to result in the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers, and also mood boosters.

Types of Post-Surgical Massage

There are many different types of massage that can be applied following surgeries. A post-surgery massage therapist can determine what type of massage will benefit you the most, depending on the type of surgery. Orthopedic massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial massage, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, and joint massage are just a few types of massage that are commonly used following an operation.
As a form of post-operative pain relief, massage is a great alternative to medications. Pain often goes under-treated or even untreated after a successful surgery.

Massage doesn't have any of the negative side-effects or risk of dependency associated with pain medicines. A post-surgery massage therapist can talk to you about your options and provide the best type of massage to help you manage your pain following a surgery.

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