How Massage Therapy Can Help You Overcome Stress

Everybody has stress, stress from family, money and work; stress is simply a fact of life. What creates bigger problems, however; is when stress begins to rule your life. When you can’t enjoy the little things in life and worry about everything, even things you can't control. Some of the problems that can arise because of out of control stress might include:

  • Divorce
  • Loss of job
  • Unexplained illness
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

There are many things that cause us stress and when these stresses turn into things that control your life, then you need to seek help. Most people think that there is no way to control this stress and it is just something that you have to live with. However, seeing a massage therapist for stress will help you de-stress, relax more, and loosen those muscles that have been carrying the weight of your stress.
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Client Testimonial

"Following the death of my spouse, my panic attacks became unmanageable. I was reading about different approaches for handling stressful events when I found a recommendation for Asian Massage to help relieve my stress.

Since nothing else had addressed the situation, I visited Eugene Wood and shared my story. The first session was used to diagnose my body’s struggle with stress. In subsequent sessions, Eugene helped me release my fears and learn some coping techniques.
Now, I have my life back.

-Jane S.
Wantagh, NY

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Massage Therapist for Stress Relief in NYC and Wantagh NY

The Benefits of Regular Stress Massages

Massage has been a proven part of treating stress. Not only does it help those with chronic stress and conditions like PTSD, it also helps those who are experiencing types of short lived stresses. For instance, hospitals nationwide are offering pre-procedure massage to patients who have stress about their upcoming procedures. They have found that when patients go into surgery relaxed, with little stress, the recovery is an easier process.

How Massage Therapy Can Help You Manage Stress

Most people carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. This weight manifests into stress and the more stress you have, the more tight the muscles in your shoulders and neck become. When your shoulders and neck become stiff, tight, and sore, they tend to create a chain of events such as headaches, backaches, and other aches and pains that create even more stress. It is a viscous cycle that can be treated and stopped.

When you enjoy massage therapy for stress, your massage therapist is working out these tight muscles; as the knots and tightness are released, the stress you felt when you arrived is reduced. As you enjoy loosened muscles, you are not as on edge which reduces your stress and allows you to think clearly, knowing what you can change and what you cannot.

Another aspect that helps you de-stress through massage is the idea of slowing down. Most people keep running until they cannot run anymore. Taking the kids to school, going to work, picking kids up, taking them to sports and other activities, making dinner, and still getting time to yourself can seem like it is impossible. Sometimes, you just need to slow down and stop for a while to become stress free.

When you visit a massage therapist for stress, you are forced to slow down. The only way your massage is effective is if you unplug from the world during your appointment. Turn off the cell phone, don’t look at your emails, just relax and enjoy the time to yourself. This setting alone helps to force people to slow down and stop, even if it is just for an hour. You will come out of the massage appointment refreshed and renewed, ready to face the world.

When you are finished with your visit with me for your massage therapy for stress, you will leave feeling like a new person. Your muscles will be loosened up and free of the pain that you were experiencing when you arrived. With the reduction of pain, your stress will feel as if it melted away making you less irritable and less likely to succumb to your stresses of everyday life. When you are able to slow down and take some time to yourself to think and unwind, your stress will become less intense and easier to manage.

When you are able to achieve this time while reducing the inflammation and tightness of your muscles that stress has caused, then you have the complete package, with better mental and physical health. While we treat tight muscles through massage, we are able to also treat mental health which offers you a whole new level of care.

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Stress Massage Therapy

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"Regular massage has been a proven part of treating stress. Not only does it help those with chronic stress and conditions like PTSD, it also helps those who are experiencing types of short lived stresses."
-Eugene Wood, LTM
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As a licensed massage therapist for stress relief, I am ready and willing to help you get back to the person you want to be. Do not let your stress dictate your life; creating havoc with your career and personal relationships. If you start to feel stressed out about anything, come see me to help you de-stress and unplug so you can get back to the person that you want to be.

Please contact me.
Stress Massage Therapy in NYC and Wantagh NY
Man Relieving Tensions with a Stress Massage Therapist
Stress is an everyday occurrence. Everybody experiences it but the way in which we handle it varies from person to person. Some will hold it all in until they explode, while others become cranky to the point that others do not want to be around them.

The good news is that we can help you with your stress. While massage may not be able to make you become better at your job, it can help you become more focused on what is at hand, instead of all of the little things that are causing your stress in the first place.
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